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Together, we discover ideas and connect the dots to build a better and bold new future.

In today's wired world the network represents the very foundation for all communication. Given this context, it is far more important to enforce compliance, identify security threats and manage SLA's.

Today, almost everything depends on networks. The rise of connected devices, on-line media and services, virtualization, and the advent of cloud computing place unprecedented demands on data networks. Data centres have become difficult to scale and expensive to manage. The pace of technological change is only accelerating, personal devices are becoming increasingly powerful and bandwidth-hungry, and network providers must keep up with the pace.

We deliver innovative network monitoring and packet broker solutions to solve today’s biggest network challenges. Our cutting-edge technology enables network teams to proactively identify issues in real-time before negatively impacting end-users. Whether you are looking for greater network visibility or better performance, our solutions are designed to overcome scalability issues and reduce troubleshooting time. The result: increased security, reduced complexity and maximum ROI.

We recognized this early on and envisioned a platform with several modular and high-performance processing blocks that seamlessly work with each other, enhancing and amplifying the functions of the deployed solution.


Innovation at Clixer+ takes place at the intersection of technologies, industries and geographies. It involves collaboration with customers, partners, employees, consortia, academia and the crowd to build new and relevant solutions. It also involves co-innovation with customers with services such as gain share labs, labs-on-hire and elements, which impact development and innovation.


 We find out what your needs are and provide tailor-made solutions.


Clixer+ creates a motivating and positive environment for their team. Everyone is like a family, helping one another to provide the best for their clients.